2 billion to 200 million in 2 days

In the Tamil film, Arunachalam, challenge for the hero Rajnikanth is to spend 30 crores in 30 days so as to inherit his father’s wealth of 3000 crores. Rajni spend his money on betting horse races, buying lottery tickets, producing movies and even starting a political party.

Now, if that film is re-directed, one more scene, investing in stock markets will definitely be included. That too in the US Financial markets. No better way to lose money quickly than this one.

bear stearns chart
Stocks of Bear Stearns, America’s fifth largest investment bank, closed at 30$ a share last Friday in the New York Stock Exchange, down almost 47%, after it went bankrupt on Thursday. And then on this Monday, JPMorgan Chase with the support from US Federal Reserve agreed to buy Bear Stearns for 2$ a share, 93 percent discount to its closing pricing on Friday.

Pity, all those who hold the shares of Bear Stearns Inc…

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