4 Unconventional ideas from brand Onida thru deep Indian consumer insight

1) PreCool AC – Switch on your AC sending SMS

Waiting for 10 minutes to get the room cooled itself is a big inconvenience for many consumers in the severe Indian summer. Onida addressed this problem with its Precool AC that can be operated from anywhere by sending an SMS. So you can switch on your AC as you drive and get the room cooled before you reach the home.

2) Sparkle – Washing Machine with an in-built brush

Even with washing machines at home, people do wash clothes with hands using brush to remove the stains. Onida used this customer insight to innovate and introduced Sparkle range of washing machines with an in-built brush to give clean wash.

3) Scratch-proof DVD Player

Knowing that large number of Indians watch rented CDs/DVDs that will not be of high quality, Onida marketed its DVD player with inbuilt scratch guard feature as the one that can play any CD/DVDs with scratches on them.

4) Chef and Dietician Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens were not used to cook traditional Indian foods as people were not comfortable to do all the settings to do full fledged cooking. To address this concern, Onida introduced Microwave Ovens with more than 100 Indian auto cook touch menus including North Indian, South Indian, Bengali and many regional menus. This helps the North Indians to taste south Indian foods and the South Indians to cook North Indian food items with the touch of a button.

It also comes with Calorie-meter technology that displays the calorie count of the food being cooked satisfying the needs of the increasingly health conscious consumers.

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