Advantage Speakerphone!

Now-a-days, almost all the mobiles have the loud speaker facility. You might have used this when more than one person needs to participate in a call or when you don’t want to hold the phone for long time, you could have activated the loud speaker instead of plugging in the headset. But there is one more advantage with the speakerphone, which you might have never used.

My friend lives in Chennai and his parents are staying in a town near Madurai and his sister is in Chicago. His parents are computer illiterate, so they are not comfortable using Skype or other online messengers to talk to their daughter in US. Instead, whenever they want to talk to her, they’ll call my friend in Chennai. He’ll put his mobile in speaker mode and then connect to his sister thru Skype and also keep the laptop in speaker mode. That’s it, with a local call to Chennai; a conference call to Chicago is established.

Bingo! That’s the power feature of speakerphones, you might have never thought about.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I used to do this alike initially when my cousine first went to US. With the echo the PC/Laptop causes, sounds decipating and any annoyance needs some moderation. Then it was so easy that he got a Relaiance Calling Card which can make calls to India at 2/- per minuite. Now that the VOIP between countries is legal, in dollars its like lesser than a local call to US, so he was comfortable calling his parents and talking to them.. without any problems.

    Thus “The End”….

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