Advertisement Outsourcing – Ad Break for India

Imagine this, you are in Europe watching TV and this ad pops up. A pug is following a little boy wherever he goes, in a musical backdrop (You and I in this beautiful world …) for the theme “Wherever you go our network follows”. If suppose the Ad ends with a Dutch company logo instead of Hutch, will the impact be any less significant than it created in India? Such is the power of the concept which can be used anywhere in the world to create a strong brand impression.

IT outsourcing has revolutionized the way, the world looks at India. “Made in India” tag meant high quality in low cost and it started getting acceptance world over. Other industries like automobile, tutoring, health care followed the IT footsteps and created more jobs in India. And now it is the turn for Indian Advertising Industry to have it’s share of pie in the Global Ad business.

‘Brand India’ showcased it’s talents to the world already in the Cannes 2006 Ad festival by winning 12 Lions(Oscar Equivalent in Ad world). The advantage that India have in Cost and language are so obvious but the major hurdle here will be the cultural differences. Unless one understands the consumer it will be very difficult to sell a product to him.

Certain things are universal. With “Neighbour’s envy , Owner’s pride” Onida can sell TV in NewYork as they do in NewDelhi. Certain ideas need to be customized to suit the local tastes. Airtel’s Express yourself campaign “One Raised finger can break a billion hearts” can be used by British Telecom in UK, but then Sachin’s dismissal needs to be replaced by Red card for Rooney in the World cup to create the same emotion. If our creative industry can cross this culture hurdle smartly, sky is the limit then.

Already the process had begun. Indian Advertising agencies like McCann Erickson, O&M India, Rediffusion DYR, Mudra Tribal DDB have started their count for Ad projects outside the sub-continent. The market is at a “Tipping Point” waiting to explode.

Give it a shot guys…


  1. The economics of the industry being what they are, it was bound to happen. Let’s hope we perform upto international standards.

  2. Vandana Ahuja says:

    Check out my comment on your article.
    The Power of Advertising

  3. Maruthu Pandian says:

    “12 Lions in Cannes 2006 Ad festival”

    You Quenched my search, to find why indian ad brains are not noticed in global market?

    Me & my wife are strong believer that we produce some great quality Ads; this belief comes after spending considerable hours in front of NBC, ABC, CNN and USA along with SUN TV.

    Good work guys. Keep going, long way to GO.

  4. Hi,

    Nice blog!

    Why don’t you consider writing about some of the new “India 2.0” sites that are creating a little buzz as well?




  5. I think this is a very good idea…

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