Airfryer – Will Philips India try promote the brand with restaurant chains?

Fried food, but no oil – That’s a dream come true for many foodies who love to indulge. Philips India has launched a new product, Airfryer few months back that fry food with air using their patented Rapid Air technology¬† instead of oil. It definitely appeals to the health conscious instantly as they can eat fried snacks with much less fat now. However priced at around Rs 15k I don’t think this will become a mass product in Indian households anytime soon even if there is a discount of 40-50%.

But still Philips India can take this brand to the masses, not through their homes but via hotels. They can tie-up with big restaurant chains and fast food outlets and can have a specialized menu of oil free Air fried items like French fries, Fried Chicken and more. This will help the brand to be more visible to the buyers with very little advertisement. That way they could also win over the critics who doubt whether air fried items would taste as good as oil fried ones and have them buy one for their home use too.

As a first step, they could target the cafeterias or canteens in corporate hospital chains, as the selling point for oil free fried foods would be very easy there.

Will Philips India try?

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