Apollo Munich Health Insurance – Rebranding or New brand launch

Health insurance provider Apollo DKV is renamed as Apollo Munich recently. Apollo DKV brand is more than 2 years old and is well known among the public interested in or having health insurance policies due to its association with Apollo hospitals group, a quality healthcare provider in India.

They have started the rebranding exercise with print ads and Television commercials. Apollo Munich’s print ad focuses on Uncomplicating the health insurance product with a simple policy. After striking all the jargons, the policy ends up in a tweetable format with less than 150 characters. “As per the policy, Insurance Company undertakes to pay the insured expenses incurred in case of sickness or illness up to the limit of sum insured“. That’s cool. People would love to see such policy statements for real.

Yes, their positioning is good. But where is DKV? Where is the name change? It’s more like a new brand launch than rebranding Apollo DKV. One can assume based on the logo design, Apollo name and the¬†brand color that it is indeed a name change only. But people might get confused whether Apollo DKV still exists and this Munich is something new or they both are same. Already there are questions in Yahoo groups regarding that.¬† Perhaps Apollo DKV has a complicated policy. So they don’t want to mention it and kept the name out of the ads to give a fresh uncomplicated image to its new avatar Apollo Munich.

Hope they had at least informed their existing policyholders about the name change clearly.

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