Blogazine – Destination Next for Blogosphere?

People, people, people. That’s what blog is all about. It is a great platform for individuals to voice their opinions on things that matters to them or publish their ideas to the world in an easy way sitting in the comfort of their home. This gives a fair chance to everyone to put across their views, provided they are i-literate.

Before the blog era, one has to write to “Letters to the Editor” column in a Newspaper to share their views on the current affairs, or write to a television channel about the film they likes/despises to help them rank the new releases, or write to a magazine to publish their stories, poems, jokes and other such creative stuff. They have to wait for days to know whether their articles are published and earned little or nothing from that.

All this got changed, as the blog metamorphosised from a mere online diary of trivial things, to a great forum to share one’s opinions and ideas. Blogging gave more power to an individual with instant publishing, that too at free of cost. Well, success here is not only limited to popular personalities like Seth Godin or Guy Kawasaki, even an unknown Agarwal from a small town can make it big here, if useful content is provided on a consistent basis.

All this made blogging more sensational and led to the exponential growth of blogosphere. But with a little more than a million posts getting added per day, the burden of separating wheat from the chaff is passed on to the readers now. Blogs become more and more popular not because of the writer’s alone, it is more so because of the readers who visit the blogs again and again, believing they can get interesting things from this new media than in the traditional ones. We need to preserve these readers and also have to attract a lot more new ones to take blogosphere to the next level. Blog linking sites like desipundit, do a great service to the readers by linking to a wide variety of topics and in the process trying to be, what they call as the “one-stop shop for browsing the best of the Indian blogosphere”.

So what’s the next step? What does the future hold for blogging? How can we make this medium even more popular and increase the reader base? Well, it’s time for the blogs to go a little bit professional, and to take on the magazines. There are bloggers available, writing about every little topic in the world in an interesting way. Entrepreneurs can use this abundant resource to form some thing on the lines of magazine, say blogazine and can present them to the readers in a better way. All they need to do is to spend some time and effort to filter out the best posts in a fair way and organize them in a magazine format, with different sections like Current affairs, Business hour, Humor club, Films & Book Reviews, Health check, City side, Personal space, Spiritual way, etc and release them online every week or fortnight in a committed manner. This way they can build a brand on their own and make this medium even more powerful.

If this online blogazine concept succeeded in the internet arena, it can enter the print world also to take on their bigger cousins and reach more masses. Will a Blogger’s Digest compete with Reader’s Digest?, or a Bloglook survive in the Outlook world, or a BlogBizweek can match with the Business Week’s content? Let’s wait and see.


  1. hey siva nice idea this – blogazine! was wondering since you are from IT whys your blog called brandsandads?

    nice blog you have!

  2. Siva Rajendran says:

    Manish – Thanks for your comments.
    My interest is in Biz world, Brands and Ads. So I created this blog brandsandads to share my views and ideas with the world.

  3. Suresh Manian says:

    Hi Siva,
    The Blogazine, especially the dead-tree version, is an absolutely brilliant idea. It can offer multiple customisation, and can even be an on-demand-printing business. The publishing house can just have a panel of very good editors, and marketing people. You must suggest it to, or to Rupert Murdoch:)


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