Brand BJP vs. Brand Congress – Direct to Home Advertising

India’s leading political parties BJP and Congress, after their massive online advertising campaigns, has now entered another new medium – DTH adspace, to woo the voters. Every time you switch on the Tata Sky DTH, you’ll see ads by these parties in Channel 100, which is the default landing channel in Tata Sky. Dish TV also uses its landing channel 999 for political ads.

This DTH ad space has its own advantages- No ad blindness effect due to familiarization of the layout like in online medium and no escape for the channel surfers too as the ads are telecasted in the default-landing channel.

From film promotions to ads for luxury Swiss watches and Blackberry mobiles, this DTH adspace has grown mainstream to become a part of the marketing game plan for the leading political parties. I’m sure this ad platform is going to be a big revenue earner for DTH providers in India in the coming years.

So what’ll be the next big strategy by the political parties in the Indian Lok sabha election campaign 2009? Are we going to see non-stop political ads in the Out of Home advertising networks in India like OOH and DOOHM?

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