Brand Jungle Magic – Will Piramal expand the market from perfumes to kids bath soaps?

Piramal Healthcare recently introduced Jungle Magic perfumes in natural fruity fragrances available in strawberry, orange, green apple and chocolate fragrances targeted at children in the age group of 5-10 years.

Jungle Magic is positioned as a vitalizing perfume for children helping to improve concentration, increase alertness and refresh the young mind with the aromas of essential oils in the perfume.

Apart from the strong brand positioning with its vital benefits it is also presented in unique animal shaped bottles denoting the perfume range in different variants thru three unique characters  Crawlly (Caterpillar), Doggy (Dog) and Penggy (Penguin).

Brand Jungle Magic can be extended to kids bath soaps category as well as the core brand position and unique presentation of the perfumes can be applied to soaps too. Today there are strong baby soap brands in India from Johnson & Johnson, Himalaya, Chicco and Sebamed but there aren’t any soaps that is specifically targeted towards the children in the age group of 5-10 which is Jungle Magic’s prime target group. So Jungle Magic can create its own niche market in the kids bath soap segment.

Also Piramal Healthcare is not new to the personal care space as they do have successful brands like Lacto calamine and Tri-Activ – anti bacterial soap in that segment already.

Will Piramal Healthcare move fast and expand the brand portfolio of Jungle Magic to soaps and other categories?

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