Brand Kinder Joy – Changing the chocolate market in India

Kinder Joy introduced in India by the Italian confectioner Ferrero International has captured the Indian kids mind space in a short time to become one of the leading brands in the kids chocolate market.

In-store Marketing:

Kinder Joy is not marketed heavily by Ferrero with the television and print ads like Cadbury Bournville. But then what did the trick to capture significant market share in a short period? It is their in-store marketing efforts that helped the brand.

I’ve seen a large rack full of Kinder Joy opposite to the entrance in a Spencer’s Daily shop in Chennai. From the big organized retail players like Reliance Fresh to small mom and pop retail shops, in most stores Kinder Joy chocolate boxes are placed near the billing counter and that encourages impulse purchase by customers. Also its distinct egg-shape helped it to stand out from other chocolate brands.

Kinder Joy vs. Cadbury Bournville – Which one is costlier?

Yes, kids love KinderJoy. Do their parents too love it? Not all, I’ve to say. You can get a Cadbury Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Perk or Kit Kat for Rs 5; but a Kinder Joy costs Rs 30. Also 20 grams of Kinder Joy at Rs 30 is relatively costlier to the Cadbury’s premium dark chocolate brand Bournville that comes in a 90 gm bar for Rs 75.

Will Cadbury & co challenge the Kinder Joy’s growth and launch a special chocolate for kids? Many middle class parents would love it, if its an economical version of Kinder Joy.


  1. Hi Siva,
    Is it poss to get any contacts of Kinder Joy client. And also would you have any clue who is the creative agency for Kinder Joy in India?


  2. Taz, Orchard Advertising is the creative agency for Kinder Joy in India. I don’t have any contacts of Kinder Joy client.

  3. Am An Employee of Ferrero Based in bangalore.
    for bulk reqirements please contact.

  4. Ruchika says:

    Where will i get kinderjoy in Delhi?My 10 years old son Harshit has become a fan of it since one of his classmate from Kerela has told about it.

  5. Manjushree says:

    Hi Ruchika

    You can Get Kinder Joy in Delhi now. Its available in all modern trade and some kirana outlets.

  6. Cadbury has launched Gems Surprise which has same offering as Kinder. The chocolate is same Gems but the toys are from Ben10 and are definitely better than Kinder’s

  7. @siva grey india is the ad agency duin creative ads for kinder joy..

  8. indian boy with a kinder toy says:

    kinder is yummy….doubt anyone in India is gonna make a similar sort of chocolate creme. …
    fererro has been around for has cadbury…but cadbury never made a chocolate like kinder…
    although for some reason the toys that kinder is giving away are really boring… their imported kinder surprise egg had many interesting toys…their indian release has rubbish toys…

  9. siddharth says:

    kider joy is yummy chocolate

  10. when did kinder joy started in india

  11. can the kinderjoy guys here in india deliever it to new zealand please? they get it there too but they are different, i want to gift a box there, Any help please?

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