Brand Spot – GreenT6 – Parry Nutraceuticals Green Tea capsules in India

Parry Nutraceuticals, a division of EID Parry India Ltd. and a part of the Murugappa group recently launched green tea extracts in capsule form branded Parry’s GreenT6.  GreenT6 is marketed as a dietary supplement that provides the goodness of 6 cups of green tea in a single capsule.

I spotted this brand at a local retail store where the product is placed in the Tea section along with Tetley, Lipton and other Green Tea brands.This is a great positioning strategy as most people would not notice it if it is kept in a medical section along with other OTC products. However there is no trial pack. It comes in a pack of of 30 capsules that costs Rs 225.

Parry Nutraceuticals also offers other nutritional supplements products Parry’s Spirulina, PRO 9 in its active care business segment and PRO 9D an all-natural protein energy supplement for diabetics and Parry’s Rejuveneyes with healthy eye nutrients in the health care segment. Parry’s Rejuveneyes is available as softgel capsules and it is mentioned that it protects our eyes from the damaging radiation of televisions and computer screens, and also helps in reducing  eye strain.

I feel Parry’s Rejuveneyes healthy eye nutrient is a new concept in the OTC segment and if promoted properly can grow faster as there is a huge market in IT and ITES sectors where many works for more than 8 hours in front of computers would like to try it.


  1. Arzan Wahi says:

    I would like to purchase Parry’s Green Tea capsules, but dont know where to buy them from.
    I reside in Hyderabad A.P. and would like to know which stores have these capsules.

  2. You can buy it online. Check the company website

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