BSE or NSE – Branding and Marketing Stock Exchanges

You’ve decided to buy a stock after careful analysis, now if that particular stock is listed in more than one stock exchange, how much time will you spend to decide on the stock exchange? For day traders choosing stock exchanges might be that moment decision based on the best price but many small investors looking to buy and hold the stocks for long term, enter the market with their preferred stock exchange in mind.

For me, I made that decision once when I bought the first stock. After that for every other stock investment, I’ve always selected my preferred stock exchange even if the default option in my online trading account is the other one. And that decision to choose the stock exchange is driven more by perception, as there is no specific advantage of choosing one stock exchange over other for investment purposes and even if there are any, I’m not aware of that while making the decision.

A little bit of branding and marketing by the stock exchanges will help change the minds of small retail investors like me. Little drops of water make an ocean right; will BSE or NSE do more to woo small investors?


  1. BSE has spent some money and effort in branding and advertising. Chlorophyll did some work for them. I do remember seeing some of their ads and also reading about the branding work.

    Here is some reading on the same –

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