Business in towns – Hotel chains or Wedding halls

Will a 3-star hotel with a big party hall click in a tier II or tier III towns in India? Not many hotel chains would be interested, right? OK. Now, will a big marriage hall with well-maintained guest rooms be profitable in Indian towns? I believe so.

People in small towns are willing to spend that extra money to make the once in a lifetime event memorable for long time. With only 2-3 best in class marriage halls available in each town, many fix the wedding dates after booking their preferred marriage halls. So people won’t mind paying additional 20-30% over the current expensive wedding hall in the town, if there is a well kept and better managed hall available to them.

Will big business think small towns and start marriage hall chains?

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  1. Inspired by your idea I toyed for a while about building a marriage hall in TPK.Don’t laugh, I said I “toyed”. As you said with the rocketing real estate prices only big businesses can do it.

  2. Is it possible to give comments from the reader?

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