Call Taxi – How rash drivers are getting more business

Last month I was traveling from Tambaram to Velachery in a FastTrack call taxi. Even before we’ve crossed half of the distance, the driver called the control room using the on-board wireless system and informed that he had reached the destination. His trick to cut the waiting time for next trip worked and he got the call before we reached our home. Needless to say, he drives rashly so that he can drop us and pick up the next customer in time.

In my next trip to Chennai Egmore Railway station in the Fast Track call taxi, I again found another driver using the same tactics to reduce the waiting time. This time the FastTrack control room operator asked about the fare details of the trip to ensure that the driver had actually reached his destination. The call taxi driver well aware of this new rule gave an approximate amount at that time. His tactics also worked and he got the call for next trip before we reached the Egmore station. Again this pushed the driver into rash driving.

Call taxi management should get the customer feedback and have to take more severe measures to curb this practice of drivers to cut the waiting time and get more trips.

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