Dishwasher in India – Brands not yet ready?

Most upper middle class Indian households have the latest home appliances, be it washing machines, microwave ovens or vacuum cleaners to make their household chores easier. But what about dishwashers? Not many families have that in their homes yet.

There are home dishwashers available in India from well-known brands like Siemens, LG, IFB etc. But they hardly push their sales thru advertisements or thru other marketing campaigns. And so these products are not that popular among the interested consumers.

Are these dishwashers costly? They are available at sub Rs 30k. Considering the number of Indian households that have split AC’s that costs around 30k, these portable¬†dishwashers certainly are affordable to many upper middle class families. Yet very few have them.

Why the dishwasher market is yet to explode in India? Are they not effective? May be, I don’t know. But what I know for sure is that there is a very big market for compact dishwashers in India, as it is increasingly difficult to get reliable domestic help in big cities.

Will the brands wake-up and deliver?

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