Dollars in Dustbin

So you have thought only ragpickers depend on the waste that people daily throw out, Think again. A slew of MNC’s are lining up the shores of developing economies like India, gleefully looking at the opportunities that lie in the heaps of waste accumulated on the road side.

In the latest edition of Forbes Asia it was the cover story titled ‘Dirty Money’. Less than 5% of India’s waste is either incinerated or buried in a suitably isolated landfill; the comparable U.S. figure is probably near 99%. This statistic they have given about the waste management speaks volumes about the opportunities that lies ahead.

Already the Paris headquartered Veolia have taken the task of cleaning the Tamil Nadu capital and to make it ‘Chingara Chennai’. The last thing we want is our Government’s interference in their efforts in cleaning up our cities. The Western Organizations which are willing to get into the cleaning business here had very rich experience in garbage handling in their own homelands and they also have the technological resources to do it efficiently without polluting the environment. So let’s not chain the hands which are willing to clean our shores with red tapism and corruption.

Sweep our Streets, Clean our Roads and Earn your dollars.
We welcome you all.


  1. Siva,
    Good post. Hope these companies find sustainable solutions for Chennai’s waste disposal.

    On a related note, is there a biodegradable line of cleaning supplies now available in India?

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