Doordarshan – Will it regain its lost viewers?

Do you remember the last time you watched a program in Doordarshan other than cricket? It’s a tough question to answer for me. It’s been years since I watched any program in DD.

For Doordarshan, being India’s national public broadcaster, it has the additional responsibility to provide education and information services in addition to its focus on entertainment. Even if they dedicate one or two hours exclusively for non-profit purposes, they can effectively use the rest of the airtime to attract more viewers through quality programs.

We’ve seen public sector banks like SBI raising itself from the old days and fight with the private banks by providing better service to the customers. Will Doordarshan pull itself up and fight with the private broadcasters like the Sun and Star Network to regain its lost viewers and be more profitable?

Will we see the return of Ramayan and Mahabharat days of broadcasting for Doordarshan?

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