Drive-Thru shopping – Its time for Quick Service Retailers in India

Many people who are in a hurry or too tired to do the regular day to day shopping would have wished for a comfortable drive thru shopping experience like they buy their meal from McDonalds.

But supermarket or grocery stores unlike burger joints stocks hundreds of items. And hence it would be very difficult to service customers as and when they arrive with their shopping list.

The next best thing that these retailers can do is to give option to their regular customers to call or SMS their shopping list and then later drive through the shop to pay and collect their items.

Well, additional facilities like these might not bring big revenues to the retailers but it will certainly enhance their brand value, as there is a genuine need from customers for such service. Will Indian retail giants like Reliance Retail, Future group, Bharti or Aditya Birla Retail think about drive thru shopping?


  1. Despite availability of certain general principles, approaches to forming of client base at the wholesale and retail companies essentially differ.
    The wholesale company is located more close to the manufacturer, and retail – is closer to the consumer. For the wholesaler it is very important to establish favourable mutual relations with suppliers. While for the retail seller on the foreground there is an attraction of the maximum quantity of buyers.
    Heads who forget about it, often enough appear in a bad situation.

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