DTH ads – From 20 seconds to 20 minutes

Nowadays more and more brands are getting promoted in India thru DTH adspace – Ads in the landing/default channel of DTH service.  But most of them use the same TV commercials that run for 20 or 30 seconds.

In case of DTH ads companies usually buy the ad slot in the landing channel for 1 or 2 hours. So they end up running the same ad again and again for over 200 times. Of course people won’t switch on the TV to watch the ad on the landing channel. It is understandable that these ads need to convey the message within few seconds so that before the viewers change the channel they can make an impact.

However ad agencies can think different as they now have longer duration available for marketing the brands unlike the time restriction with TVCs. There are people who switch on the TV just to pass time. They won’t mind watching the programme in the landing channel if it’s interesting.

Ad makers can take this as a challenge and try for a longer version of ads, or even try an interesting short story focusing on the brand and keep the audience glued to the brand promotion for longer duration.

Will a 20-minute ad work in this fast paced Twenty20 era? It’s tough. But I know for sure there are people willing to watch a Vodafone Zoozoo story for 20 minutes. Let’s wait and see if brand managers are using this adspace differently in the future.

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