DTH Landing channel ads – Lays starts a new trend

DTH ad space in the default power on channel is quite different from the regular ad breaks in TV programs. Companies here buy the ad slot for 1 or 2 hours than a mere 20 – 30 seconds in TV commercial breaks. Some time back I wrote about making better use of the 1 hour time slot with a different ad format than just running the same ad 200 times.

Frito Lays India┬ádid just that recently in Tata Sky’s default landing channel 100 for their “Vote for the Flavour” contest ad. The campaign is more like a TV program in Storyboard/Brand Equity about the Lays flavor contest than a simple ad. It starts with some background about the “Give Us Your Dillicious Flavour” campaign, how the four flavours were short listed from over a million entries, then moves on to the making of TVC for the contest “Bachega sirf tastiest” (Survival of the tastiest) and then the brand ambassador Saif Ali Khan interviewing the four contestants whose flavors were selected.

Over all the campaign focuses on better customer engagement. It encourages the customers who haven’t yet decided to try and vote for the flavour based on the story/passion of the contestants. Again what they’ve covered in that DTH ad can’t be fit into a 20 second commercial in prime time TV program. DTH ad space is better suited for it.

From the days of static ads, DTH ad space has evolved, as more and more brands are willing to give it a try. Will we see media planners experimenting with different concepts in the future to retain the viewers in the landing channel a bit longer?

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