Exchange offer or Flat discount – Which one you prefer?

titan exchange offerHow old is your watch? Do you have any plans to buy a new one? Not interested? OK, a leading brand, Timex is offering 25% discount. Would you say yes now? Still not decided? Fine. Will you change your mind if there is an exchange offer scheme under which you can return your old watch and get a brand new Titan watch at 25% discount?

Logically speaking a flat 25% offer is better than the exchange scheme as you can keep your old watch too, however a Titan dealer I talked to recently differs. He says the response for the Titan’s Exchange Offer scheme announced this year is much better than their other previous discount schemes.

Generally our people don’t like to discard things that are working well and buy new ones. This kind of an exchange offer targets them directly and gives them a reason to switch into the new style. Again they are happy to know that their old watches are not worthless but help them to get a 25% discount too.

Though flat discounts are simple and to the point, there is a separate replacement market that can be triggered better only thru exchange offer schemes. And it’s not only limited to consumer electronics market where advances in technology make products obsolete quickly. Along with the exchange offers for high-end plasma TVs, refrigerators and mobile phones we’ve seen Pantaloon’s Denim Exchange Offer” for old and worn out jeans too getting terrific response.

So it doesn’t matter whether the product is in good working condition or out of fashion and unusable, people don’t throw things out for free. Will the marketers join hands and start an exclusive Exchange offer Day” to service them better. Bhogi day, a festival celebrated by throwing away old and unwanted things in the home, would be the ideal one for it. Any takers?


  1. I think the ‘Exchange offer day(s)’ already exist.Infact, its been here for a while in different forms with the refrigerators, vacuum cleaner, water purifier etc. which thrive on annual maintenance contract. Whenever a new product is introduced, the service guys remind us that our product has become TOO OLD and that its time to MOVE ON. And they say that in quite a threatening tone. We have to give in to the pressure they create as we wont be able to live without those essential things or atleast to shut off the ladies.

  2. I`d rather keep the watch!But yes jeans and electronic gadgets that is certainly worth taking up the offer as these thing always wear away.

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