Fact based marketing – Selling pension plans

A ticket to Singapore after retirement; Grandpa’s happily playing gully cricket in the streets; Young couple watching a lovely old couple struggling to catch the crowded bus. These are some of the advertisements to sell pension plans in India by insurance companies like HDFC Standard Life, SBI Life and Birla Sun Life.

Recently launched campaign by Aegon Religare Life Insurance to promote its retirement plans stands out among these. It focuses on the basic fact that daily expenses will shoot up in the next 20 years.

The ad shows Irfan Khan dressed as an old man hearing the price of cooking gas cylinder, cost of petrol, bus ticket price, and getting shocked.  No Singapore trip or beach parties, even leading a normal life will be difficult if you are not planning to save for the retirement – that’s the message. And it definitely had an impact on the viewers.

So marketers don’t break your head to come up with a great creative ad. Even a simple fact based marketing strategy will deliver the message to the consumers in a better way than the cute, smart, creative or emotional ads.

Will someone try this for marketing Gold ETF?

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