Filing tax returns – Help and profit from it

Banks and other financial institutions in a bid to attract new customers and expand their business often call people to explain about their new insurance plans, special interest rates for their fixed deposits, retirement schemes etc. But the success rate of these calls is very less due to the improper call timings or the customers getting invested adequately in similar schemes already or because of the plans not suitable to the customers needs.

However if they know about the earning potential of a customer or have the knowledge about their previous investment styles, it would help them to target the right customers with the right plans. But will this be possible?

They will get all this and much more info if they are ready to help people in filing their tax returns. Filing tax returns is a tedious process for many people. Not only they fear the queue in the IT department, filling the tax forms itself is a major challenge to them. Even if they have do not have any additional income other than what the Form16 given by the employer states, many prefer to approach private tax consultants or auditors to file their tax returns.

Will the banks or financial institutions ready to step in and help people solve this problem by filing their tax returns for free? I have seen many private tax planners use the time of filing returns to establish connection with the customers and sell relevant tax saving products later. If banks are ready to help and file returns for free then they can use that time to bond with the customers and explain their new schemes and plans which will help in reducing the tax burden.

The cut off date for filing tax returns is less than a week now, so better don’t wait to file your tax returns for free now. Rush ahead and contact the Tax Return Preparers (TRPs), the Income Tax department has appointed to help people in filing the tax returns or try online tax management service like to e-file your returns and finish it before July 31.

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