GameFlu – Awake before you reach the Matrix World

When I first watched the movie ‘The Matrix’ at the beginning of this millennium I categorized it as a pure science fiction movie as everyone did. I never thought that this ‘Rule of the Machine’ concept, where human beings will be mere toys would some time happen in reality, that too in the near future. But as I read about the online gaming addiction in South Korea I feared with the technological advancements, mankind has started its march towards the Matrix Age.

Online Games offer an escape route to the youngsters from the high level of stress they are dealing with to succeed in the rat race of modern world. They acquire virtual identities , play nonstop (some even 20 hrs a day) to get those bonus points and magical swords and forget about their schools and career. Other than basic problems like violent behaviour and weight loss, such addiction also lead to death of people in South Korea.

“The game doesn’t affect reality, Reality affects the game.” says a Game addict. It is the seriousness of this comment that made me realize that few people have already entered the Matrix world and are happy to be there.

Korean Govt’s early efforts in wiring every nook and corner of the nation, is giving new headaches now in the form of addiction to online game. The Govt. is opening dedicated counseling centres now to counter this epidemic.

Ok that’s in Korea only, you can say and relax, considering the lack of internet infrastructure in India, but come Diwali this is going to change.

“Reliance Entertainment, which sometime back had announced its intention to venture into the online gaming business, will be investing $100 million over a three-year period to launch gaming portals and gaming cafes across India. Rajesh Sawhney, President, Reliance Entertainment, said first phase of portals will be opened before Diwali 2006” reports exchange4media .

Don’t worry too much. Go ahead and play your game. But don’t expect the Neo, Keanu Reaves to come and save you from the Matrix World, as he is busy with his own work, better keep your self-control.

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