Get on the shelf contest – Will Indian retailers try?

Walmart has launched “Get on the Shelf” contest in the United States to get some of the great undiscovered products on their shelves. Contestants can create and submit videos of their latest inventions and the public will vote online to determine the top three products to be sold on This gives anyone a chance to launch their product at Walmart and reach millions of shoppers in the US.

Contests like these are great opportunites for small business to take their products to the next level. One don’t need to win the contest to succeed, as thousands of people vote, if the product is unique they will definitely go and buy even if its not going to get in to the shelves of walmart. Already products like ipad pillow, soda lock and boots for dogs got covered in the main stream media like CNN, thanks to their participation in the contest.

Will the big Indian retailers like Reliance, Pantaloon or Shopper’s Stop think about such a contest?


  1. Such contests as the one created by Walmart helps unique products of solo entrepreneurs and SMEs fall on the radar of potential buyers. Thank you for the interesting and useful post.

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