Glucovita Bolts – Wipro Consumer Care creates new segment in the Glucose market in India with tablets

Glucose biscuits like Parle-G, Britannia Tiger, Glucose drinks like Glucon-D, Glucose-D, Glucose bars like Cadbury Perk Glucose are widely popular in India. Now Wipro created a new segment with Glucose based chewy tablets branded Glucovita Bolts.

With three active ingredients Vitamin-D, Calcium and Iron this special formulation with Glucose is marketed as instant energy for body and brain. As water is not required, one can keep these Glucovita tablets in the pocket and chew 1-2 Energy Bolts whenever they need energy. Its ready to eat and handy to carry anywhere are good advantage over the Glucose powder brands.

Let’s see how the other major Glucose drink brands in India, Heinz India’s Glucon-D and Dabur’s Glucose-D respond to this new challenge in the coming days.

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