Goodbye ads for Hamara Bajaj scooters

How brands are created? From teaser ads to wall hoardings to painting the cities with the brand colour  to television advertisements to social media campaigns, companies won’t mind spending millions to take the brand to capture people’s mind. And then how these iconic brands are phased out.  Just a press release!

Hamara Bajaj scooters deserves a better farewell from the Indian scooter major Bajaj Auto Ltd. Why can’t they think different and create a goodbye ad showing how Bajaj scooters changed the way Indian middle class commutes, brought happiness to families etc. The ad should only be a tribute to the Bajaj scooter brand and it should not end up asking customers to choose their other two-wheeler brands like Pulsar.

Yes the scooters are gone, but the Bajaj brand is still alive. So this farewell ad will definitely help people connect with the Bajaj brand.

True, taking business decisions based on emotion is never a good idea, but a little bit of emotion in the ads will always work magic. Will Bajaj start a new trend?

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