Hindustan Unilever (HUL)- Marketing through Exclusive Stores

Hindustan Unilver Limited, India’s largest FMCG Company, touches the life of most Indian people with its presence in different categories like Home and Personal care, Food and Beverages through multiple brands. How about an exclusive store for HUL housing all their products under one roof? No, I don’t meant to have these stores to sell their products exclusively and to compete with other big retailers.

HUL Brands

HUL’s annual ad budget runs into thousands of crores. They can easily spend 10 or 20 crores to setup some exclusive stores in selected Indian metros. They can use these stores as laboratories to understand customer behaviour, test market their brands, train their staffs to understand customer problems & needs and to get feedback from the customers directly.

When Pen, Paint and Plywood companies have their own exclusive stores, why not one for HUL?


  1. Yes its nice to hear but while competing with Pantaloon & other retailers in FMCG how come to have own stores with brands under one roof?( People ask for Discounts!! with the brand also!)

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