How to increase attrition?

Attrition – the most important figure for HR managers in the IT and BPO sector now has one more industry – online job portals – to keep an eye on it. But these new guys are burning their midnight oil to find novel ways to increase the attrition rate instead of decreasing it.

What’s the way out, if you have a bad boss? Better get out said Naukri with its Hari Sadu Ad. This lighthearted ad would definitely have made people to think about their own bad bosses. Are you satisfied with the kind of job you are doing now? A talented software engineer might be forced into a testing or a support job some time. MonsterIndia took that issue and exaggerated it creatively in its ad by showing a cricketer washing clothes with his bat, a Bharatanatiyam dancer guiding an airplane – all this to show people how odd it would be to work outside their interest. Caught in a wrong job – the perfect job is just a click away, screamed MonsterIndia.

TimesJobs took the most important issue for people to change their jobs – Salary – though not many would admit the same in the interviews. Its recent ad beautifully drives the point – All praise, but no raise scenario prevalent in work environments. An executive grows in size with all the praises his colleagues and bosses shower on him, later on seeing his salary hike shrinks to a size where even his laptop looks like a 30 inch LCD TV. So, salary makes you feel small, log onto Timesjobs and look for a change, was their message.

All these ads so far triggered only the dissatisfied employees to take another job focusing on some common issues in the work place. ClickJobs in its bid to differentiate itself from the other portals took the disruptive approach and targeted all the happy employees. In its ad, it showed Happy-Kumar, an employee satisfied with his work, boss and salary, hence not showing any interest in the abundant opportunities that job markets presents everyday. Don’t be lazy and miss out the opportunities was their message and it was well delivered in the ad. So when was the last time you updated your resume?

What next? There’s Ndtv’s yellow jobs, careerindia, itjobz and many other portals fighting for our resumes. It would be interesting to see the next big reason they find for us to change our jobs. Well, as the competition to retain and resign employees heats up between the HR heads and job portals, employees are the ones who will be laughing all the way to their banks. Wish this good season in the job market to continue for a long time.


  1. I know for a fact that boasts a global database which is comprised of over 1.3 million professionals from around the globe and that over 40% of’s jobseeker database is comprised of professionals from outside the region!!!
    I am very happy to recommend bayt to any jobseeker from anywhere and have complete trust in its platform its brilliant track record and its amazing team. Please read’s employer testimonials if you have any doubts – employers know best which job sites cater to all of their many needs!!!

  2. hai siva its more informative for job seekers.
    Now india resource is human.
    but why there r still unemployment exits

  3. So Siva Your resume is already into these online portals? Or is it waiting at the gates to make an entry at the right time!

  4. Siva Rajendran says:

    Dev – I’m like the Happy kumar in the clickjobs ad as of now, still not decided to update my resume…

  5. ?????..! says:

    Too good analysis on the ads. didn’t think in this view..keep blogging!

  6. Santhoshi says:

    The Happy Kumar ad has actually made bells ring for many. Its quite thought provoking. Say, how many of us go into a shell soon after we get a job with a decent pay? The ad blatantly potrays the average person. A good aspect about the ad is that, it does not entirely market Clickjobs, rather it just urges people to keep their eyes wide open to the millions of opportunities coming by their way, whether or not they use clickjobs. Great ad, shows a high degree of innovation from the side of Clickjobs.

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