How to learn about patents and IPRs quickly?

Patents and IPRs are quite complex for one to understand. So what’s the easy route to learn about them?

File a case against your competitor. That seems to be the idea of Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director, Bajaj Auto. In his interview to the Outlook Business magazine about the patent dispute with TVS Motors he says:

“I want this battle—unfortunately, this has become a battle—to go on… because, through this, all of us will learn. The judges will learn, the lawyers will learn, we will learn and be better off for it. Mr Gurumurthy’s proposal was: let everybody drop everything. But that is not good. Tomorrow, if another company sues me, I have to start from scratch again. I would like to build internal knowledge and capabilities on IPRs, as much as Malvinder is doing at Ranbaxy. He is fighting cases every day.

This is part of the game in a knowledge-led economy. So, we did not want to take that offer. It is fortunate that things went our way. As our chairman said, post-appeal, something may go the other way. That’s fine with us. Really, the final verdict is secondary. What is important is that everybody learns. That is our stand.”

Sounds interesting. After reading this great tip don’t sue me for any copyright violation just to improve your knowledge on copyright laws. If I violated any by mistake, just send me a mail; I’ll correct it with in a day. I’m not that rich like Bajaj/TVS group to go to courts and defend cases to learn about copyright acts. I’ll better read the books and learn.

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