How to write a tagline in two minutes?

Taglines add values to a brand. Slogans like KingFisher’s – King of Good times, Kerala’s – God’s own country says the essence of their brand with the tagline itself. Though it contains just a few words, it takes more effort to write a powerful tagline.

There is an easy way to do that also. All you have to do is to fill in this format with your business and brand. Think [[type of business]] , Think [[brand name]].

No, I’m not joking. Already many businesses took this easy route for their tagline. Kotak Security’s tagline – “Think Investments, Think Kotak”, is by far the most popular. Star Health & Allied Insurance is the latest to join this club. They used the slogan “Think Health Insurance, Think Star” in their recent Television advertisement.

I don’t know which business started using this tagline format first, but I heard it first about 8 years back during my college days. SSI, IT training provider, has signed a strategic tie-up with Oracle Corporation then to offer authorized training on Oracle and they market that specialized training using the tagline, “Think Oracle, Think SSI”.

That tagline was a hit in my friends circle and we used to compliment our extra-talented programmer friends with similar taglines like “Think Oracle, Think Senthil” , “Think Java, Think Prakash”.

I noticed another version of this tagline last week, as I was waiting in the Guindy Kathiparra junction traffic. This time a car dealer used it to promote his business. A new Maruti Swift in front me has that tagline “Think Maruti, Think Popular” as its rear windscreen sticker.

So now companies while creating their taglines need to ensure that it is not too generalized, so as to prevent other brands and business using customized version of that tagline. Or otherwise they have to copyright not just the tagline but the whole format itself, so that effect of that tagline won’t get diluted by many small businesses using them with their own versions.

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  1. Hai,
    do u mean to say that its Applicable to all Brands.
    Do u think differnce in taglines is necessary for business?

  2. Siva Rajendran says:

    Sathish, Taglines do help us to remember a brand. So businesses should give importance to create unique taglines and not just mimic other popular ones.

  3. Talking about taglines an interesting twist I recently discovered.

    LIC’s popular tagline has been “Zindagi ke saath bhi, Zindagi ke baad bhi.”
    Sundaram stationery has put his tagline as:
    “Padhai ke saath bhi, Padaai ke baad bhi”.


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