Idea cup – Grameenphone Ad and Uninor impact

uninor_grameenphone_logoIn the ongoing Idea Cup ODI tri-series between India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, Uninor is not a sponsor for any team. Yet thanks to Grameenphone, Uninor is getting all the attention during the match.

Reason is the Norway Telecom giant Telenor’s logo that is used by both Grameenphone and Uninor. Telenor has stake in both the companies.

Thanks to the recent marketing splash by Uninor during its mobile service launch in India, people can easily associate the petal shaped logo to the Uninor brand.

So the on-ground advertisement and the logo in the Bangladesh team jersey by Grameenphone is helping Uninor brand to remain fresh in the Indian consumers mind. Of course Telenor won’t mind it.


  1. have you noticed that uninor is offering the best tariffs right now. talk about talking @ 29p/min..its just amazing..

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