Idli / Dosa Wet Flour Market

In most South Indian homes, Idlis and Dosas are the main breakfast menu for decades. Though the menu still remains the same, way the flour got prepared has changed from using hand stone grinder (Ural) to Electric Grinders to Ready to cook Idli/Dosa Wet flour packets.

This ready to cook Dosa flour market is close to its tipping point. But I didn’t see any major FMCG player in this space. This market is mostly dominated by regional players in the Cities (Thayar, Hema’s and others in Chennai). And in towns it is home-made by individuals and sold daily to those living near-by.

One big deterrent for the major players to enter this segment is the shorter expiry period. Most ready to cook flour packets come with a expiry period of 5 days only. To counter that may be companies can tie-up with the local milk delivery system to deliver the Dosa flour packets weekly twice or thrice to the customer’s home directly.

Soon Grinders will be passé and this readymade flour will be a huge market to play for. Idli/Dosa speciality chain restaurants like Murugan Idli shop, Hotel Saravana Bhavan could also enter this space, as they have great brand advantage to market the ready to cook flour.

Will they try giving tasty and quality dosa flour products to customers?

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