India Business in Kindle

Its been more than a year since Kindle was launched in India. However there is only one Indian business magazine, Business Today available for subscription as of today.

Kindle like iPhone doesn’t have much early success in India. And Amazon like Apple was not so keen to sell their product in India thru proactive marketing strategy, instead just rely on word of mouth. And even worse, Kindle is available only online and cannot be bought directly through local retailers. So there is no real push for Indian consumers to buy the product and even the one willing to try gets discouraged by the limited Indian content.

However most of the Indian business magazines make thier content available online for free. But they are not taking the initiative to publish in the new digital media with paid subscription model.

With the competition from tablet PCs and other e-readers, Amazon is not resting on its laurels at least in the US. It is promoting the Kindle heavily thru television commercials this holiday season in US. Also they started focusing more on selling the ebooks with the Kindle app for various gadgets like iPad, iPhone and Android phones.

One big advantage with being in the Kindle platform is it will take the magazine into an international publication overnight. It will be easier for people in other countries interested in Indian business to follow up things closely thru magazine subscriptions. And also with 3G services ready to take off in India there are enough incentives for the Indian business magazines to start thinking seriously about Kindle.

Wish to see more Indian business magazines going the Kindle way.

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