Indian Railways – Will it stop wasting people’s time?

I’ve been traveling in Pothigai Express from Sivakasi to Chennai, every month for more than 2 years. But I’ve never seen the train arrive on time at 8:53 PM as mentioned in the ticket. If it comes at least by 9 PM, we’ve to consider ourselves lucky. Even though I’m absolutely sure that the train will arrive at the station only after 10 minutes from the expected arrival time, I’ll always ensure to be in the station as per the timings mentioned in the ticket, fearing the unexpected punctuality from Indian Railways.

In its total journey of 12 hours, if the train is late by more than 10 minutes with in 2 hours every day then it definitely means that something is wrong in calculating the journey time by the railway officials. Why can’t they correct this mistake and change the train timings?

Will the Indian Railways stop wasting the valuable time of passengers and their friends/relatives who come to the station for send-off every day?


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