Indian soap market – What next?

There are baby soaps; soaps for mothers, fairness soaps and acne care soaps. So what next? Will there be a special soap for old people? Will they be able to market the soap for wrinkle skins as successfully as the anti-wrinkle cream products? But who will do it first? Once someone takes a lead, there will definitely be more followers.

Fair and Lovely was launched in India in 1975 and it took another 30 years for the first men’s fairness cream, Fair and Handsome. But within three years there are already half a dozen brands in the men’s fairness cream market in India.

Going by the increased competition in the bath soap categories between FMCG majors like Hindustan Unilever (HUL), ITC, Godrej, we will definitely see more niche categories in the coming years. But will any one care for the old men?

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