IPL T20 – More intrusive TV ads now

Indian cricket fans are quite used to watching cricket in television knowing who the bowler is only in the second ball of the over, as the ads in between overs run till the first ball is released by the bowler. And then the TVC’s will be back before the batsman completes the run in the last ball.

With IPL3, Sony Set Max which telecasts the DLF IPL T20 matches live brings up another innovation (or irritation to say). Now they’ve started to show advertisements every now and then in the middle of the over also. Ad tickers or even the L shaped display ads covering more than half the TV screen are OK, but giving a break in between, stopping the commentary and showing ads in the middle of the over is a bit too much.

In the middle of an absorbing over, fans won’t mind watching captains changing field positions more than once, but blanking out cricket and to show a mobile phone commercial like “Karbonn – Live your life” annoys them to no extent.

Sony Max should look to utilize the ad slots in between overs and during the strategic time outs in IPL T20 more effectively than trying to push in ads in between balls. Give us 6 balls without a break, please.


  1. Ads between overs its ok to an extent but ads between balls IPL is making money its okay, but not at the cost of the game’s continuity where the world class commentary is going on and TV viewers lose on that. ads on big screen its at the ground but not in the TV. feels like turning off or moving to another channel. MAX n IPL please stop the big screen ads showing on TV.

  2. I have a question says:

    Its not innovation. Its really an irritation.
    People have interest in only watching matches and enjoying the every bit of it-commentary, captains changing decisions, status of the hurt player, changing statistics etc..

    These kinds of intrusions force viewers to lose interest and finally lowers down the effectiveness of the ad being shown. Fact to note is that viewers do not hate or blame the TV channel for it, rather they swear the brands advertising. Its an issue adevertising brands should be worried about.

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