Logistics – Who delivers your mail?

Co-operate and compete seems to be the recent corporate mantra. Companies have learned the art of handshaking their competitors with one hand, yet at the same time punching them and pushing them out of business with the other hand.

GSM rivals Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, which fights to win over the same customer, joined hands and formed an independent tower company, Indus Towers Ltd. recently. Earlier we have seen that cooperation in banking industry by way of sharing their ATM networks.

And this cooperation also resulted in entirely new business opportunities. Cashnet is an independent nationwide-shared ATM network in India with 12 member banks including biggies like Axis bank, HDFC bank. CashTree is another such interbank network in India. Now, mobile tower business itself is a billion dollar industry. Every other telecom player has plans to list their tower business separately.

courier service

On the same lines, why don’t we have a separate courier delivery company? There are more than 5 different courier delivery agents available to service me in Tansi Nagar. On a day, if a single flat receives mail from these 5 different courier agencies, just imagine the productivity gains if there is a single delivery agency to deliver all the mails. That will also help them to perform better in the under-served markets of small towns and villages.

So what’s good about that for you and me? No, I don’t expect to save a rupee for my couriers to Sivakasi by their profit gains. If there is a single delivery agent for my street, at least I won’t be disturbed twice during my afternoon nap in a holiday by courier agents searching my neighbour’s house.

Logistics being considered as one of the high growth sector in the Indian stock market this year by many analysts, will we see a separate courier delivery business soon?

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  1. I must share with you that some of these ideas have happened to me in much the similar way they have happened to you. I’m quite surprised at the coincidence.


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