Loyalty cards – Bonus points or better service?

It seems like the Aadi sale season was just over yesterday but the Diwali shopping season has already started in India. So what? Well, the problem for most husbands is to stand patiently for hours waiting for their wives to finish their saree shopping.

In textile shops like Naihaa and Pothys, I’ve seen exclusive playing area for kids. Why not create a separate reading room for the poor husbands? Access to that can be restricted only to the loyal customers, just like the exclusive access to lounges in airports given for some Platinum/Titanium card holders.

Will the loyalty card holders get better customer service than mere reward points for their shopping?


  1. Its a really cool idea. I must admit..

  2. Farid Haque says:

    I would recommend that for younger gen X & Y companions they set up game systems/consoles like a Nintendo Wii etc or provide an internet terminal such that they can email while their partners shop till they drop.

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