Medimix – Soap that hotels prefer

medimix soap Recently I’ve stayed in hotels in Kanyakumari, Ernakulam and Alleppey. And all the hotels have given Medimix as bath soap.

With more than 10 – 15 strong brands in the bath soap categories, I really wonder how Medimix is able to find a place in most hotels. Is this part of the Cholayil group’s key marketing strategy for Medimix?
Also my guess is that this business of selling soaps to hoteliers might not be that profitable. That may be the reason for little competition in this space from the India’s largest soap makers, Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL) and Godrej.
Profit or not, I feel this is a worthy marketing strategy to follow. What do you think?


  1. This is from pure perception but I have always believed that Medimix has been a dominantly south indians favourite. So I guess hotels are serving their customer preference. Also the possibility that Medimix is a non-fragrant neutral soap which anybody and everybody can use without having too many preference issues.

    And as a marketing strategy let’s look at it this way: Maybe they are looking at getting hotel guests experiment with the soap and if they like it GO OUT ANd buy it. I know very cliche and inverted. But the volumes of hotel purchases could be keeping the company happy too.

  2. Siva Rajendran says:

    Thanks for your comments, Kapil

  3. There are hardly any known brands that sells smaller size soaps. So Medimix hotel size small soaps are preferred by hoteliers.

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