Men are back – Bikes and cars

Men are back. After 7 years since the Bajaj introduced the definitely male machine Pulsar, now men are back in a taller and the longest Maruti SX4 car.

SX4 after being messed up by the truck coming behind, turns up and go straight at the truck pushing it to move on the reverse gear. That’s macho right. Its the new ad for the ‘Man amongst cars’ – Maruti SX4.

It’s a boy! It’s a boy! –  That’s how Pulsar was introduced into the markets by screaming nurses as they take off the bike covers and look at the brawny petrol tank. Then the bike turns its head towards the girls as they pass over it. Definitely Male!

Which one does you like, Men amongst cars or the Definitely Male bike? Now the ‘Man amongst ads’ goes to Bajaj Pulsar or Maruti SX4?

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