Metro TV – Will you watch?

It’s the boom time in Indian Television industry. Every month we are seeing some new channels getting launched.

But most of the channels compete in the same space – GEC, movies or news. Why not think of a different strategy? Find a blue ocean to sail through!

How about Metro TV? A channel that focuses only on the events, trends, places, people, problems in a specific city.

They don’t need to run the channel 24 hours. Even 4-5 hours of quality programming during prime time will do the trick and get more viewers.

They can even have Ad tickers and run classified ads. Will it work? Yes. People in small towns do watch local cable TV channels just to see the real estate ads.

For the big Indian Television media groups like STAR, Zee, TV18, NDTV, Sun Network starting such a Metro TV will not be difficult. Who will start such a channel first in India? I’m waiting to watch Chennai TV.


  1. The Sahara group runs a local channel called the “Sahara Mumbai”. Although it’s a good attempt it’s production values are very low. the reporters remind me of the Doordarshan days and the ads suck so much that you won’t to switch it off.

    Besides a newspaper like Mumbai Mirror gives me so much detailed city news that I won’t bother to see a TV news channel to know every little bit that happend in my city. And besides they are never the first to report anything in the city before the national news channels take over.

  2. Thanks for sharing your views, Kapil. Sahara might be doing that bad but I’m sure some other channel in the future will make this concept of Metro TV attractive to the viewers.

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