Mobile Broadband Service – Will Reliance Netconnect or Tata Photon+ think different?

Many people are happily using the fixed broadband connection at home for years. They don’t feel the need to migrate to mobile broadband service as they might not be travelling frequently and hence it’s not worth paying for the USB modem to go for a change in plan. But still whenever they travel out of cities, given a choice of a free USB modem with a daily usage charge for net access they’ll definitely take it.

Will the broadband providers go for a new plan to attract these infrequent travellers?

Membership model:

Companies can collect one time membership fee of about Rs.500 for mobile broadband service and then rent the data card/USB modem to customers whenever they need, charging on a daily basis. They can initially test market this scheme by making the offer exclusive to corporate employees and then go for the expansion.

Partnership model:

If the big telecom players are not interested in running a rental business, they can partner with organized mobile phone retailers to do that. Mobile retailers will be happy to become the partners as they will get additional income and also it will bring more people to their stores regularly to whom they can sell their products and other services.

Broadband service providers can sell hundreds of USB modems to the selected retail partner with a discounted yearly plan. Retailers like Univercell or The Mobile Store can take care of the day-to-day running of rental business. As they have the presence in every area of the cities and also have the stores in many small towns, with enough staffs to manage the operations, they can easily make this scheme a successful one. This partnership will also benefit the infrequent travellers to have quality broadband access.

Will the broadband providers think different?

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