Mobile India – Reward your loyal subscribers

Airlines have frequent flyer program, Credit cards and Retail shops have reward/bonus point schemes. But what are mobile operators doing to keep their loyal customers happy?

My mobile operator sends SMS daily regarding the new caller tuneĀ  or the latest ring tone or about their new rate cutter plans. But they are not ready to send even a thanks message to me on my fifth year completion using their service.

Leading Indian mobile service providers like Bharti Airtel, Reliance communications and Vodafone announce new schemes every now and then to attract new subscribers. Why not spend some money for the loyal customers too? Based on the revenue from the subscriber and years of service usage they can give customized offers to existing customers.

Sooner or later mobile number portability will definitely get implemented in India. Its better for mobile operators to start offering new reward point schemes to their existing loyal subscriber base and keep them happy so that they won’t end up losing those valuable customers to competition after number portability kicks in.

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