Mobile phone as your Travel Guide

While I’m travelling last week, I just want to know the place where I’m and how far is my destination. I relied on my mobile to know the place, but if they provide more details, one can stop looking thru the window and search for a sign board. And more importantly people should get such a service with a basic mobile phone via SMS and not in a high end mobile with GPRS or other such features.

Telecom Service Providers can include Google Map like Service in Mobile phones as a Value added feature. With a SMS query complete details of the place like the City Name, District Name , State and other relevant information should be made available. Also as this information will be mostly required during travel, they can also give the distance to a particular city from that place or to the next petrol station. People will be immensely benefited from such a service.

To take it to another level, Service Providers can also allow for a GPS feature to track a particular person. It’s like if a Sales Agent is travelling and his Supervisor wants to know where is the Agent now currently, he should be able to obtain that information by sending an SMS to the provider. Service Providers know to which network a mobile is connected currently, with that info they can do this service effectively. May be they can allow this feature only if the receiver mobile is registered for that particular service with the sender’s mobile number, so that it won’t affect other person’s freedom to roam.

We are ready to pay and send the SMS, Are you guys ready with the service?

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