No Logic only Magic – Ads and Sense

Ford Fusion’s new Ad – “The no Nonsense Car” where in the ad , CEO dumped the Adman’s idea for a flamboyant theme and go with simple and straight talk instead, made me think about the weird and quirky theme some ads follow. Even those Ads worked well in promoting the brands.

Take the Fevicol ad, A bus loaded with people in the top keeps moving rhythmically to a tune and just when you wonder what will happen to the people at the bus top, won’t they get hurt falling down, they show the word Fevicol written in the bus. The idea of stickiness was beautifully impressed in the minds of the viewers without worrying about logic.

So do Happy Dent’s Ad where in a village Photo Studio , one person puts in a Happy Dent chewing gum and then smile, which was used as Flash light by the camera man to take the photo. Again here the “Gum can make your teeth brighter” concept was enforced into viewers minds.

And to top it all is the Chlor-Mint’s Ad – A lady entering the lift humming a song , when seen a chlor-mint wrapper ask innocuously “Log Chlor-mint Kyon kaathe hain” (Why people are eating Chlor-mint?) Suddenly the lift will collapse and she will be made as a wallpaper and thrown out. All this punishment for not knowing about Chlor-mint.

When this ad’s creative director Prasoon Joshi of McCann Erickson was asked why are ads not following any logic. He said it beautifully “In Hindi Cinema’s once a person falls in love he run behind the trees and dance with a group. Is there any logic in it? But isn’t it working well for them for long time?”

Most important thing for an ad is how successful it is in creating the brand recall value in the minds of the consumer. As long as this is done it doesn’t matter whether it makes sense or not. Such creative Ads also needs to be welcomed , as without them the ad world will look dull and boring.


  1. cool. Advertisements with logic will give only, what we see in everyday life. Ads just boost up the sales, if the product is good, we never bothor about the logic. After all, these days even programmers dont need them. We got Google.

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  2. yadbhavishya says:

    Good point!
    Chakra Gold Tea ad comes to mind. All things circular or ‘chakra’ are shown throughout the ad. (Probably hinting towards a higher philosophical meaning that life goes around in circles). A clock, a wheel, a circular staircase etc and in the end when the wife (Sonali Bendre, oooh!) sits down after a long day to have a tea, the husband comes in and picks up the cup. She smiles. Point made!

    And though not quite as maverick as these ads, Iam sure you remember the Kiwi Liquid Shoe Polish ad. An ‘ordinary’ show polish writes ‘others’ on a whiteboard and it miserably streaks down, the screen splits into two and then a Kiwi polish writes ‘Kiwi’. Perfect. 100% utilisation of 10 seconds and great impression.

  3. Absolutely…..

    Its the quirkiness of these adverts along with a striking one liner that induces brand recall..

    remember waah Sunil babu too…..

  4. Best example is Onida’s Neighbors envy, Owners pride. Though the ad agency wad dead against it, the owner went ahead and reaped a windfall. The sillier it is , the better sometimes. Read Alyque PAdamsee’s “Double life”

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