Non Resident Town wallah

Many young Indians from small towns are working in the cities in sectors like IT, Telecom, Retail, Banking and Outsourcing industries. These people will visit their hometowns to meet their parents and friends once in a month or two.

With all these new industries and young workers, Indian cities continue to grow exponentially while most small towns have moderate to low growth. These Non Resident Town wallahs can do their bit to improve the local economy in towns instead of waiting for the Government to take any action.

NRTw’s could plan and buy things in their towns and ensure they spend more when they are in their hometowns than they normally do. There are lots of consumer goods where there won’t be any significant difference in the markup price. So it won’t hurt them if they buy it in the towns instead of getting it in the cities they work.

If they don’t want to buy a new mobile phone for the lack of choices and discounts that one get in the cities, at least plan to buy the recharge card in the towns. Idea is to be more conscious in who is getting profit out of our purchases and spend more when one visit their towns on vacation to help improve the local economy.

Just like we¬†expect Corporate social responsibility programmes¬†from companies and more inclusive growth programmes from the Government, let this be part of Citizen’s Social responsibility.


  1. Mohit Sachdeva says:

    grt concept

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