Online directory service to list brands and products Made in India

Now a days there is an increasing interest from the consumers to know where the product is made before they make the buying decision. But there is no single place where they’ll get such info for all the products. An online directory for “Made in India” products across different categories like Home Appliances, Consumer electronics, Toys, Automobiles etc will help those buyers.

There are lot of factors to categorize like the components getting manufactured outside and only the product is assembled in India or the product is designed in India but manufacturing is outsourced or only the brand is owned by Indian promoters and the entire product is conceptualized and built outside or the product is designed and built in India.

Building such directory service will not be an easy task as lot of companies might not be willing to provide all the details to categorize and list online. As a first step it would be more than good to get the details from the brand owners who are interested and prepare the Made in India directory for few chosen product categories and build on from there gradually.

There are lot of companies providing online classifieds and business directory services in India. Will someone choose this niche and develop a good Made in India products portal?


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