Online food delivery business – Who will help the local restaurants? is an online food ordering platform that enables us to order food online from the local restaurants in Mumbai. I came to know about it thru esparks2011. So no need to store numerous paper menus or shout the order and address details over the phone.

There are other online food ordering services like and Ordering online does make things easy but one thing to note is they are all taking care of only the ordering part. Delivery is left to the individual restaurants. One main problem most customers face when ordering food in the local restaurant is the delivery. Their serice is not as efficient and professional as the customers used to it from the big pizza delivery chains.

Also for the neighbourhood small food joints, it will be easier if someone handles this delivery logistics so that they will focus on their core competence in preparing food. provides such home delivery along with online ordering in Pune area. It will take some time before they spread their business to other Indian cities as it requires huge investment and trained manpower to expand and maintain the level of service.

It would be good if some logistics players like courier companies enter this food delivery business, as they have the expertise and local knowledge, they will able to go national easily than someone starting from the scratch. Will someone step in to take the delivery out of the local restaurants across cities in India and provide better service to the customers?


  1. Aruna Kumari says:

    Great info. Just like this, I came across another similar read: Found it very interesting. We should encourage initiatives like this.

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