Parle Monaco Smart Chips vs Lays or Aliva

Parle Monaco entered the health snacks category recently with the launch of ‘Smart Chips’. Parle positioned this new product as a healthy alternative to fried chips with its ad featuring Aamir Khan running and jumping everywhere and giving over-sized T-shirts to people eating fried chips saying, “You will need it”.

Parle Monaco’s brand positioning is good, but isn’t the brand name Chips misleading as the product belongs to the baked snacks category. I don’t want to get into the dictionary meaning of Chips and decide whether this product can be called as chips or not. I’ve tasted Parle Smart Chips and my personal opinion is it tastes better than Frito-Lay’s baked snack brand Aliva but I don’t want to compare it with Lays or Bingo chips. To me it is baked crispy masala biscuit and not Smart Chips.

So the bottom line is, for the true potato chips lovers there isn’t any Smart chips yet, go for smart snacks variants or keep on munching your favorite chips and wish for Aamir khan jumping out of nowhere and giving you a T-shirt you need!

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